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Get Ripped with these Ultimate Fat Loss Videos

Do you look the way you want to look?

Are you overweight and scared to make a change?

You don't have to be afraid anymore.

It's time to change your life!

I will show you how you can start taking your life back and looking and feeling your absolute best. All you have to do is follow our workouts and tell yourself it's time to change!

We have home gym workout videos for getting ripped, ultimate weight loss and stretching routines to keep you moving freely.

Don't worry if you feel you're too out of shape to start. We have workouts for all levels.

Today is your day to make a change!

Remember, you're not too old, out of shape or too fat.

Take a look at Gary, he has lost over 50lbs in 6 months and he's in the early 60's. He hasn't worked out in 40 years but he still did it. So, why not you?


Our Online Home Gym Workout Videos are the Best!

We offer multiple types of gym workouts that you can do at home with simple exercises.

Best Dumbbell Workouts consist of home gym strength training plans performed with dumbbells.

Kettlebell Circuits consist of home gym workout plans performed with kettlebells.

Muscle Endurance Training consist of home gym workout plans performed with dumbbells and stretch bands.

Hiit Routines consist of home gym workout plans performed with kettlebells and TRX.

Bodyweight Training Program consist of home gym workout plans performed with your bodyweight.

Ultimate Burning Fat routines consist of home gym workout plans performed with the TRX.

Effective Weight Loss routines consist of home gym workout plans performed with the stretch bands.

Stretch Routine consist of home workout plans performed with your bodyweight.

Take these workouts on the go. Download our Windows App and Amazon App.

Popular Fat Loss Programs

Take a look at our ultimate fat loss programs: Get Ripped, Burn Fat, Best Dumbbell Workout, Bodyweight Training Program, Effective Weight Loss, Kettlebell Circuit, Muscle Edurance and Stretch Routine.

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Popular Educational Fitness Blogs

To make sure you succeed, I offer an educational fitness blog that discusses how to lose weight, fitness assessments and more workout plans so you're always achieving your fitness goals.

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Affordable Personal Trainer

If you're still looking for more help reaching your fitness goals, you can sign up for my online personal training service. I will create a workout and nutrition plan based on your goals after our initial discussion. We have 4, 8 and 12 week plans at affordable rates. You won't be on your own anymore and we can achieve your ultimate body.

The personal training plans can be purchased on the Online Training page.

Personal Trainer Education

If you're looking at helping clients or just want to learn more about designing exercise plans based on body types and goals, then we have you covered. We have two books that go into correcting posture and exercise program design.

Are you interested in becoming a personal trainer? We have study guides and practice test for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer certifications. Our study guides cover the main topics in each chapter and the practice tests have 100 multiple choice, true/false and fill in the black questions. These prodcuts can be purchased in the Continuing Education page.