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There are four main concepts to the Client-Trainer Relationship and it starts with rapport.  Without building rapport, your training sessions won’t be as effective as they could be and your chances of keeping clients for a substantial period of time is slim to none.  Throughout this blog we will be discussing the four stages of the client-trainer relationship.

Stage 1: Rappor
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1 August, 2014 by administrator

In order for a client to adhere to a program they must be motivated.  This motivation can come from within, other’s encouragement, things, ideas and events.  Throughout this blog, we will be discussing different types of motivation and ways to keep the client engaged. 

Types of Motivation:

Intrinsic motivation

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28 July, 2014 by administrator

Client adherence has a tremendous impact on your personal trainer career.  Without keeping a client on a regular training regimen, your financials will be in the red.  So, you may be asking yourself, how I can keep my clients training and making a profit.  This is actually the most challenging part of personal training, since the dropout rate is more than 50% within the first six months of working out.  A simple answer is to keep the client motivated by b
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25 July, 2014 by administrator

There is not one definition that can sum up the role of a personal trainer but there are guidelines that all trainer should follow.  These guidelines include; scope of practice, and HIPPA.  Before working with clients, you must know of any issues or deviations that client has or could have.  You can easily find this information out by performing a Par Q, risk stratification and a health history form. 

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23 July, 2014 by administrator

There are many tests that you can choose to use for measuring muscular endurance.  These test may be performed at different time periods or phases, for example the push-up test would be performed in phase 3 if you’re using ACE’s four phase training model.  To learn more about the assessments visit chapter 8 pages 212-221.

The four main tests that will be used are:

21 July, 2014 by administrator
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