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I came across this article on MSN the other day and I thought that I would add a little to it. 

The small changes they had listed were:

  • Manage Stress Daily
  • Just Walk
  • Start Cutting Back On Sugar
  • Add More Veggies to Your Plate
  • Don’t Keep Secrets
  • Give Your Workout Playlist A Makeover
  • Reorganize Your Kitchen Cabinets
  • Invest I
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17 June, 2015 by administrator

PhiNaturals has a product line that ranges from joint pain relief to natural male/female libido products.  Today I wanted to discuss a product called Feminex.  Feminex is a female libido enhancer that provides more energy, stamina, improved memory and concentration, plus more satisfying love-making with intense orgasms. 

It does
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3 June, 2015 by administrator

I always hear and see people on TV say that they are comfortable and have embraced being overweight and you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed.  While I don’t think you should be ashamed or embarrassed, you shouldn’t be happy being overweight.  I’m not sure if people realize that they are not healthy and being overweight affects their performance in everything they do.  We should stop focusing on looks and start focusing on being healt
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27 May, 2015 by administrator

Time is the number one excuse not to work out but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some tips from an article from MSN that can be read by clicking here.  I will also add in some tips of my own.

    • It doesn’t have to be all or nothing- all activity adds up in the end
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20 May, 2015 by administrator

How many times have you come across someone that is still acting as their old career title?  You will occasionally see this in the personal training world.  Maybe it’s your boss or a colleague that is acting as if they are still working at their past place of employment. 

Just because you used to be this or that, doesn’t give you the right to still act as if you are.  complete story

18 May, 2015 by administrator
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