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Time is the number one excuse not to work out but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some tips from an article from MSN that can be read by clicking here.  I will also add in some tips of my own.

    • It doesn’t have to be all or nothing- all activity adds up in the end
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20 May, 2015 by administrator

How many times have you come across someone that is still acting as their old career title?  You will occasionally see this in the personal training world.  Maybe it’s your boss or a colleague that is acting as if they are still working at their past place of employment. 

Just because you used to be this or that, doesn’t give you the right to still act as if you are.  complete story

18 May, 2015 by administrator

I just saw an article posted by ACE Fitness that discussed boots camps.  I said saw, because I never actually read the article, just the headline.  Before, I read the article, I wanted to share my thoughts.  I am not one to follow trends and almost everything in the fitness industry is a trend.  Everything gets recycled and a new name is slapped on it and marketed as the best thing ever.  I guess whatever gets people exercising and money in your pock
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17 May, 2015 by administrator

Everyone is trying to lose that stubborn belly fat but just don’t quite know how.  You may have read 100’s of articles with the perfect remedy, even though there isn’t a one size fits all.  Below are some tips that I came across and I will also share some of my own.


  • You need to consume fat to lose weight (healthy fats)
  • You need to reduce your
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17 May, 2015 by administrator

There are four main concepts to the Client-Trainer Relationship and it starts with rapport.  Without building rapport, your training sessions won’t be as effective as they could be and your chances of keeping clients for a substantial period of time is slim to none.  Throughout this blog we will be discussing the four stages of the client-trainer relationship.

Stage 1: Rappor
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1 August, 2014 by administrator
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