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If weight loss is your goal, Biomechanically Fit can help reduce inches, build muscle and tone up. While our workouts are not generally high intensity and fast paced like you may be used too, that doesn’t mean you’re not going  to burn calories.  The workouts you’ll be performing focuses on building muscle which in the long term causes your body to burn more calories than a cardio based workout would. 

When only performing cardio or cardio with light weights your body will only burn extra calories from that workout but when performing a strength training program you will build muscle which causes the body to burn extra calories every day and will actually raise your metabolic rate.  Strength training will also keep your bones strong while fighting off osteoporosis and increasing your daily performance.  

Throughout each workout you will be provided fitness tips on how to lose weight and keep it off.  Our goal is to teach you a smart, simple and an effective way to lose weight and keep it off without busting your butt to burn an extra 200 calories while working out.

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